Anti Ragging Cell

With reference to the order from Director, Higher Education, Maharashtra State the Board of Students' Welfare issued a circular on 6th January, 2009 to all affiliated colleges and\ recognized institutes of University of Pune to implement the measures suggested to prevent ragging in educational institute.

The Principals of affiliated colleges and Heads of recognized institutes were also requested to report to the University in this regards. Unfortunately very few colleges and

institutes have made the compliance. The Hon'ble. supreme Court of India in its Judgment and Order dated 11.02.2009 have suggested the mesures to prevent ragging in Educational institutes. All affiliated colleges and recognized Institutes are requested to follow these measures very strictly and submit the action taken report to this office on or before 25th May, 2009.

1. In the prospectus of the Higher Educational Institutions, it should be mentioned that if any incident of ragging, comes to the notice of the authority concerned the accused student will be given an opportunity to explain and if his explanation is not satisfactory, the authority would expel him from the institution. The number of causes of ragging and punishment given by the educational institution in the previous academic year should also be incorporated in the prospectus of Higher Educational Institutions.

2. To Constitute anti ragging committees and squads to check ragging and to publish names and telephone numbers of officials to be contacted by the students in case of ragging.

3. To Conduct counselling sessions and orientation courses for senior and fresh students.

4. All institutions should be whatever they can by ensuring punishment to the students found guily of ragging, giving wide publicity to such punishments to act as a deterrent, strict enforcement of the various measures for preventing ragging.

5. To incorporate in admission notices/advertisements, appropriate messages regarding zero tolerance 1 towards ragging.

6. To undertake audio-video campaign at the commencement of the new academic session to prevent ragging.

7. To make efforts to publicize and sensitize students regarding the menace of ragging.

8. To generate awareness amongst students through student unions about the bad effects of ragging.

9. In appropriate cases, if the authorities are prima facie satisfied about the errant act of any student they can, pending final decision, suspend the student from the institutions and hostel, if any and given opportunity to him to have his say. The Police shall be informed immediately and criminal law be set into motion.

10. If it is found that any educational institution is trying to shield the errant students its grant-in aid should be reduced and in serious cases, should be denied.