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Students eligible for any scholarship or concession in fees will fulfill all necessary conditions. Forms for the same, submitted after due date cannot be considered as per government rules. No complaints regarding scholarship will be entertained after 31st March.


Sr.               Name of the Scholarship with eligibility

1.                National merit Minimum 50% marks in Annual Exam.

2.                Hindi Scholarship (for non-Hindi Students) Earlier Exam. Passed with Hindi as a subject.

3.                State Govt. Open merit According to merit

4.                 Open merit for rural students According to merit

5.                 Primary / Secondary teacher's wards merit Scholarship

According to merit

6.                Physically disabled students Certificate by the civil Surgeon

7.                Merit Scholarship in Math & Physics Minimum 60% marks in Maths / Physics

* Online submission of scholarships forms shall be done at the college office.

Central government scholarship for SC/ST/NT students :

For the students belonging to Govt. notified SC/ST/NT categories like Mahar, Mang, Chambhar, dhor, Bhil, Mahadev Koli, Gond, Phase Pardhi etc. This Scholarship is given

by the Director, Social Welfare Department of Govt. of Maharashtra. If a student getting this scholarship fails in the examination, she/he is not eligible for it. students eligible for the scholarship should take application forms at the time of admission and submit the duly filled in form to the college office.

Krantijyoti Savitrimata Phule Scholarship :

This scholarship is given to the girl students only who have more than 50% of marks and have an annual income of below 75,000/- a student can avail this scholarship only once in her academic career. Such a student must not avail any other scholarship to be eligible for this scholarship.

Concession in fee for the freedom-fighter wards :

Application to be sent to Zilla Parishad office.


Scholarships and Concessions

Concession in fees :

College gives all concessions in fees as directed by the government. Students who fulfill the necessary conditions, both educational economical are given concession in fees. It is the responsibility of the students to fill necessary forms within due dates, to secure acknowledgment and to preserve it for the years.

Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Scholarship :

The concession is for those, whose parent’s income is less than Rs.1,00,000/- The prescribed forms are made available in college office. Students can take forms from the office before 10th July. The duly filled forms must reach the zilla parishad office before 15th July, through college.

Following documents must be, attached to the form.

i)     Income certificate.

ii)    Affidavit of the parents (for rural areas : population upto 10,000)

iii)   Income certificate attested by Z.P. member, Gazetted Officer.

iv)  For students from urban areas (Population more than 10,000) the income certificate must be issued either by gazetted               officer or Executive Magistrate or Tahsildar.


Concession in Fees for Secondary Teacher’s Wards :

This concession is for the students whose parents are secondary teachers either with S.S.C.,D.Ed., or STC. Application should be submitted to college before 15th July.


Accident Insurance Policy :

This is for all students admitted to all branches at the KVNNSPS. In case of an accident the policy holder will get compensation from the insurance company.


Circulars & Concession regarding all above scholarships & concessions in fees are displayed on the notice boards. Students must read them for information. It is important

that the students should read the notice board regularly. Backward Class Students are required to forward their scholarship proposals/ forms online.

Plz visit the website given below.

Govt. orders/resolutions regarding scholarships shall be binding on all the students.