Rules and Regulations



Rules and Regulations-

  1.       Library will remain open 8.00 a.m. To 6.00 p.m. on all working days. Reading Room timings will be extended during exams as per    students demand.
  2. Every student should get his ID issued from the library at the time of admission. No ID will be issued after the prescribed date or period. In special cases or under genuine circumstances the ID will be issued after obtaining the principals permission and paying the requisite fine.
  3. Every student must possess identity card while making use of library services and facilities and has to produce when demanded be the library staff.
  4. Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library. Indiscipline may lead to disciplinary action.
  5. The reference books shall be displayed on the ‘New Arrivals Stand’ or showcases for specific period after its processing and till that time they cannot be issued. However users cab research it in advance.
  6. The reference books, rare books, newspapers, current issues or bound volumes of periodicals are intended to be used in the library premises only. In special case the librarian has discretion to issue it the library member.