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About the Library:  

          Our College has a well-maintained library, having 20462 books with latest periodicals and Journals. The library is well equipped with Audio-visual aids. The library timings are from 8 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. The mission of the Library is to provide comprehensive access to the resources and innovative services to support teaching, learning and research activities of the college. Vision- Build best collection of resources across the formats to create information needs of user community. Promote the use of resources to help the users to achieve their educational and professional goals. Our College library is provide with many IT based services, books and E-journals collection. OPAC, user-friendly software various modules such as serial control, circulation and budget etc.



            1. To build collection complementary competitive exams to provide competitive edge to students.

            2. To provide innovative services to the users.

            3. To provide best and timely access to the recourses available in the library.

           4. To make available reading material and other recourses as per requirements of teacher and students.


   Library staff:


  Prof. Sharad T. Avhad                        Mr. Raju Avhad                 Mr. Raosaheb Avhad                    Mr. Swapnil. Bhabad

     Librarian                                            Attendant                             Attendant                                  Attendant

(M.A. M.Lib, SET)                                       B.A.                                      B. A.                                             B. A.


Facilities and Services: 

          Reading room facility is available in the library. The INFLIBNET facility is sanctioned under UGC, HRD of the Central Govt with the help of INFLIBNET under NLIST programme an access to 6000 E Journals and 31,35000e books is made available to users. This facility is being provided to research scholar’s students and staffs. Open access system to be all students. Earn and Learn Scheme is available in the library. On demand soft copy of Syllabus, Question Papers etc. Provided to the students and faculty members be using email on internet. Orientation in library use for new students enrolled in college. Daily home lending services for the staff & students. On demand reference service provide to the students and faculty members by using open source internet & reference books. Library information such as New Arrivals, Library Rules Notices, News paper clipping etc. are displayed on Library Notice Board from time to time. News paper is the most important news events organized by college, achievement of staff and students and other important information are collated from different news paper properly kept for reference.   


Books Issuing Procedure :

          Every book has a unique barcode number. With the help of Barcode scanner, books are issued to a member within a fraction of seconds. There is no need to fill the issue slip or sign.


Rules and Regulations : 

1.     Library will remain open 8.00 a.m. To 6.00 p.m. on all working days. Reading Room timings will be extended during exams as per students demand.

2.     Every student should get his ID issued from the library at the time of admission. No ID will be issued after the prescribed date or period. In special cases or under genuine circumstances the ID will be issued after obtaining the principals permission and paying the requisite fine.

3.     Every student must possess identity card while making use of library services and facilities and has to produce when demanded be the library staff.

4.     Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library. Indiscipline may lead to disciplinary action.

5.     The reference books shall be displayed on the ‘New Arrivals Stand’ or showcases for specific period after its processing and till that time they cannot be issued. However users cab research it in advance.

6.     The reference books, rare books, newspapers, current issues or bound volumes of periodicals are intended to be used in the library premises only. In special case the librarian has discretion to issue it the library member.


Library Advisory Committee :

            A Library Advisory Committee has been constituted in order to ensure proper administration of the library. It consists of Chairman (Principal), a student representative, a Secretary (Librarian) and   the members. Library Advisory committee meets twice a year to review the library related matters. The library Advisory committees has well defined objectives library forms an integral part of an academic institution. A Library committee has been constituted to facilitate effective and smooth functioning of the library.  


Functions of the Library Advisory Committee : 

To do annual planning and Annual budget Provision. To formulate Rules and regulation of the library. To purchase better reading material as required by HOD, teachers and students. To make arrangement for proper storage of books. To provide every possible support and guidance to librarian. To ensure technological up gradation of the library.


 Members of Library Advisory Committee : 


Sr. No.

                 Name of the Members



 Prin. Dr. Vasant Wagh (Principal)



 Dr. Pournima Bodke (Vice Principal)



 Prof. Sharad Avhad ( Librarian )



 Prof. Dr. Vijay Naukudkar



 Prof. Dr. Rupali Shinde         



 Prof. Sudam Bhabad             



 Prof. Mamta Nehate





Library Collection-

Books = 21078 (On Dated 03/06/2020)

Text Books-15425, Reference Books-5518

  • Junior college-4061

    •   Sr. College = 16995


•Periodicals = 18

•News Papers = 08

•Educational CDs = 82

•Audio cassettes = 23

Periodical Bound Volume-


Best Practices                                            : 

1. Book Exhibitions

        To inculcate Reading Habits amongst students by conducting book exhibitions in the college.

2. Information Literacy Programme 

      To organize Information literacy Programme helping the students to use the library effectively.

3. Best User Award

       To inculcate Reading Habits amongst students by giving best user award to students.

4. Future Plans

       We will computerize all department of library. Due to that we can collect and explain the information in short time. Information will available as per the necessity of the reader. As per the requirement of the reader we will try to provide the proper information service, so that we will make the changes as per the circumstances. We will always try to provide effective services to the reader. We will use technology in our library for that we will trained our staff by celebrate and workshop as well as training.


Open Access:

News papers


Online journals


Open access E-books


Indian Digital libraries


Some Important links


N-List Resources- N-LIST RESOURCES

The Library has joined N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) Programme initiated by INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad. Under this Consortium the faculty member can access to 6000 e-journals and 3135000 e-books of various renowned publishers. Students will also be involved in this Programme soon.

Library is trying to create mass awareness among students about the Programme.


E-Resources @ N-LIST

The Consortium subscribes to the following resources for the colleges . All electronic resources subscribed under N-LIST Programme are available from the publisher's Web site.


Bibliographic Database


E-Journals (Fulltext)

American Institute of Physics (18 titles)

American Physical Society (10 titles)

Annual Reviews (33 titles)

Cambridge University Press (224 titles)

Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) (1 titles)

Indian Journals (150 titles)

Institute of Physics (46 titles)

Oxford University Press (206 titles)

Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles)

H. W. Wilson (1420 titles)


Cambridge Books Online (1000+ titles)

E-brary (70000+ titles)

EBSCoHost-Net Library (936 titles)

Hindustan Book Agency (65+ titles)

Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books (382+ titles)

Oxford Scholarship (902 titles)

Springer eBooks (1500+ titles)

Taylor Francis eBooks (1500+ titles)




E-Resources for Universities

Web of Science


E-Resources for Technical Institutions (IITs, IISc, IISERs and NITs)

Annual Reviews

Project Muse