1. Wifi Computer Lab with 60 Systems / LCD Projectors / LAN / Internet Facility.
2. The college has spacious and well equipped laboratories for all science departments.
3. The language lab for English department.
4. All the laboratories are well equipped.
5. Physics lab includes material science research lab, Double beam UV spectrophotometer. pyrolesis system,
and energy lab.
6. B. Voc Lab.


1. The college has well equipped library. It has a rich collection of reference books, periodicals,
encyclopedia, dictionaries and research journals.
2. The separate reading hall is available for the students from early morning to evening.
3. E-learning resources such as N-List.
4. Computerized issuing & return of books


1. College has a large playground and well equipped gymnasium for boys and girls Various sports facilities are
provided by the college.
2. Students can make use of these facilities as per the rules and regulations of the college.
3. Physical Training (PT) is compulsory for first year students.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

1. The college has an N.S.S. unit of 200 students. Annual special camp is organized by the N.S.S. unit.
2. The program inculcates leadership qualities, social awareness, soft skills and social responsibilities,
eradication of superstitions and social issues.
3. N.S.S. provides a good opportunity for personality development.


Magazine is a good platform for the development of student's creativity through writing short stories, poems,
articles on current topics. The magazine is published annually.

Lecture Series and Remedial Lectures

1. Lecture series is one of the special features of every department. In this program eminent experts in
respective subjects are invited to deliver a lecture on specific topic.
2. Remedial lectures are arranged for slow learners and those who need extra academic support.
3. The difficult and important concepts are discussed in this lectures.

Competitive exam Cell and Counseling Cell

The college has motivated the students for planning and to appear for different competitive exams.
The department of Psychology provides psychological counseling for the students Which includes psychological
testing and psychological counseling, career guidance.

Vasant Scholership

The Scholarship has been Introduced by our institute from 2019. The students securing top rank in their
respective classes are given away this scholarship. The nature is 1000 rupees with a merit certificate.